Friday, April 29, 2011

Lahore is no longer honey bee-less!

I had an email yesterday evening from Jerry at Virginia Bee Supply saying he had a couple of packages of italians I could have if I wanted them. Boy did I ever. This morning I gave him and call and I was off to pick them up.

Awaiting their new homes.

All set up and awaiting the ladies.

Rula on R.I.T. duty.

First package installed.

Stained hive all closed up.

White hive installed.

White hive all closed up.

Both hives.

A vistor watching us clean up.

I'm sure I did a million things wrong but that was such an awesome experience! I'm glad I got to install a package at least once. He're hoping they can forgive my mistakes (I'm sure I probably made 1 million and 12) and they don't mind the 39 degree weather we're supposed to be getting tonight. I'll post more when I check on them Sunday or Monday.

Oh and not a single sting. Just one angry lady that though it a good idea to keep dive bombing my ear until I let her land.

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