Saturday, May 21, 2011

2nd hive inspection!

I did a thorough inspection of both hives this afternoon and they both looked great. The white hive had 4 frames that were fully drawn and 2 half drawn. They have started on the other side of one. The stained hive had 5 full frames and 3 half frames drawn. They were also starting on another side.

Both boxes had lots of capped brood, lots of larva, and I was able to see the queens, eggs, and a new bee emerging in both hives. Which means both queens were released and started laying within 26 hours of being installed into the hives. I was pretty excited when I started to pull frames in the white hive and I am glad to have found the same in the stained hive.

Also... It was sunny and warm (upper 70's) today and they were pretty much ignoring the syrup. Only 3-5 bees on it the few times I checked it. I'm guessing they were after real nectar today! The little borage patch is also only a couple of days from blooming and I'm anxious to see how fond of it they are.

Here are the videos. I didn't shoot any photos today.

White hive inspection.

Stained hive inspection.

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