Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost there...

I checked the hives really fast this evening to see how far they are from having all the frames drawn and also flipped the entrance reducer to a bigger size to ease the congestion. The white hive has 6 full frames drawn and the stained hive had 7 full frames. I didn't pull any except the empty ones on the end to check the progress. I'll do a thorough inspection again on Friday or Saturday of next week to see if they are ready for the new deep supers and to check the progression. I'll set the camera up again also for videos. I also picked up a new style of feeder today because the current one is leaking for some reason. When I return home I'll put out the new batch of 1:1 I just mixed up and the new feeder so they'll have it in the morning.

All for now, off to enjoy a little festivities.

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