Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The girl's saved their queens!

So today it was time to check on the queens and see if they had been set free. I check the stained hive first and they had eaten all the candy and let her out. Popped the cage out and closed the hive back up. I'll check again in a week or so to see thier progress.

Queen cage from stained hive. The comb they built on the side of it was perfect until my nieces had to hold it. :^)

Wish I would have put this one up and not shown it off. Looked so nice and I would have liked to keep it now. Thought the excitement from my nieces was worth it I reckon.

I opened the white hive and found the same thing. No queen in the cage and a similar piece of comb built on the side of it.

I broke this piece of comb off the side. It was another keeper, but little hands and fragile objects aren't a good combination.

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