Monday, May 9, 2011

Bigger bee patch.

Got the wildflowers planted today and the borage and lavender planted in trays on Saturday. Once the borage and lavender come up I'll move them from the greenhouse to the bee patch. I had some trays that have 18 larg deep seedling cups in them and used those for the borage. Ended up using a total of 15 trays and if all the seeds sprout I'll have 270 plants to move to the bee patch. That's going to be a lot of borage! Not sure how well the lavender will come up as I wasn't expecting so many seeds. I ended up sprinkling a pack in each tray/flat and took the remaining pack and added it to the wildflower mix I got from Wildseed Farms. Also got the herb garden planted.

The herb garden post seeding.

Borage I planted earlier.

The larger (it's not getting any bigger) bee patch

Well/Over seeded wildflower area (700 square feet)

Clover coming up.

2 flats seeded with lavender seed.

Some of the seeded borage trays.

Also the girls aren't on the syrup much today. Not sure if they are finding plenty of nectar or it's starting to go bad. I plan to mix up a fresh gallon tomorrow and put it out for them just in case it is going bad.

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