Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chilly and breezy.

It was a bit chilly and breezy today. This evening I watched the girls for a while. They were really on the sugar water and honey-b-healthy today. The white hive was less active versus the stained hive but they were bringing in lots more pollen (half the activity but just about every one coming in had full pollen baskets). I believe the stained hive was after the sugar water mostly. I'm guessing (just a guess) the temps had something to do with the stained hive being warmer in the sun and more active. You could tell the difference in temp by touching the outside. The stained hive was nice and warm and the white hive was close to outside temps. I'm guessing it was easier to warm the stained hive up with the sun heating it a bit. I believe I'll get one of those held held IR themos and use it to keep track of the hive outside temps to add to the counts.

Weather - 61 f partly cloudy
Wind - 5-10 mph
Rain - 1 1/2" from last night

Count per minute (coming and going)
Stained = 78 p/m
White = 37 p/m

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