Thursday, May 12, 2011

1st inspection and back to 10 frames.

Did my first hive inspection today and everything looked good. Found capped brood, larva, and honey and pollen stored in both hives. I glanced through each frame really quickly and was able to find the queen in the white hive but didn't have any luck finding her in the stained hive. In a week or two I'll spend more than 10 or so seconds like I did today looking at each side of the frame and see if I can locate them both.

Also it seems what I read and was told about keeping 9 frames from the start in the brood chamber and supers was bad advice. After a brief discussion with the folks at BeeSource I added the 10th frame back to each hive. I'll decide later once the comb is drawn if I want to go with 9. For now though the 2 frame spacers get to collect some dust on the shelf.

White Hive

Stained Hive

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