Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello emu's, allow me to introduce Mr. Electricity...

Those good for nothing emu's have been decimating my clover. You'd think the 75 pounds of food they eat each week would be enough! Today I found them in the wildflowers and borage just picking away. So... In a fit of rage I was off to the farm to get the electric fence charger. I picked up everything I thought I'd need and wouldn't you know it... The power supply is kaput. So after a quick trip to tractor supply I returned with new gear and 8,600 volts for those dumb emu's. Since the area I've fenced them out of is bigger now I figure I'll plant some more wildflowers and clover in late fall in the extra space for next year.

Oh, I almost forgot. Last night when I got home and put the sugar water out I saw the coolest thing. Both hives had the entrance reducers flipped Saturday to the bigger entrance and there were bees filling both of the holes in the entrance. Just stacked on top of each other. I'm guessing it was the guard bees and they noticed my bright flashlight. Pretty cool to see and the new feeder works much better than the poultry waterer I was using.

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