Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wildseed Farms

Just wanted to give a thumbs up to Wildseed Farms for getting my order out to me quick. I ordered on Sunday and it was in the mailbox today when I got home. They even threw in a free pack of seeds. The order will be used to plant the addition to the bee garden and a herb garden.

Here's what I ordered
(1) Basil pkt.
(3) Borage pkt.
(1) Cilantro pkt.
(3) Lavender pkt.
(1) Mint pkt.
(1) Sweet Marjoram pkt.
(1) Italian Parsley pkt.
(1) Rosemary pkt.
(1) Thyme pkt.
(1) Northeastern Wildflower Mix (1/4 pound)
(1) Southeastern Wildflower Mix (1/4 pound)

Sounds like my package from Brush Mountain Bee is also here. All for now.

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