Thursday, June 9, 2011


Since a few people asked here are the feeders I use. Both are medium Le Bistro gravity waterer's. They each hold 2.75 gallons. The little pieces of blue stuff floating in the tubs are pieces of DOW foam house wrap I cut to fit. The design cut into them can be anything you want but I would make it something a bee can reach both sides of if one falls in. I started making circles and ended up with something that looked like a face. Totally unintentional I promise. The foam is working much better than the marbles I was initially using. When I refilled them I had around 15 dead bees in each. With the marbles they will crawl down into them when the 1:1 gets low and sometimes can't get out. The foam floats on top of the syrup and allows them to get every drop of it from the top.

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