Thursday, June 30, 2011

I couldn't take the wait...

I popped the top in the stained hive today and pulled a few of the top frames to check them. There's capped brood on the ones that are drawn enough and I noticed 2 big queen cells. One is capped and one is uncapped. I plan to leave them alone until next weekend and let nature take its course. Also there's a lot more bees in the hive than I expected. Not the huge numbers like before but there's at least as many bees as their was when I installed the package. So some good news after all.

I also popped the top on the white hive. I didn't inspect like I probably should have but will either this weekend or next weekend when I check the stained hive. They are still working on the frames and are filling them nicely. They will not need a new super added this week but if they have 7 fully drawn next week when I look I'll add the super. Better to be safe than sorry I reckon.

I think this weekend I'll take a walk around the neighborhood and see if I can find out where the swarm went. I talked older local beek that said from his experience they usually don't go far and to check older buildings. Since there's a bunch of them around it sounds like a good to at least check.

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