Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inspection after the rain and a late orientation flight...

I did an inspection really quick of both hive after a nice hard and heavy rain. Both seem to be doing well and both are drawing out the plastic frames/foundation. The white hive is drawing out the plastic frames/foundation a little bit faster than the stained hive at the moment. Not sure if they've taken to it better or the stained hive finished with the frames in the bottom super first. I noticed both nectar and eggs in the plastic frames on the white hive but just nectar in the stained hive. The cells in the white hive are deeper and more filled out so I'm guessing the queen in the stained hive doesn't think they are ready for eggs yet. Next week I'll check them again and if I don't see any eggs in the stained hive I'll go through both supers to make sure all is well. Otherwise everything looks good. Those tiny eggs are sure easier to see on those black frames.

I took some video of the inspections but there's nothing I could piece together for a decent video. I'm going to start using the tripod like before when making videos of the inspections. Trying to hold the camera in one hand and the frame in another wasn't a very good idea.

The white hive was a bit late with their orientation flight this afternoon. I guess the rain put them behind which was good because I was able to catch it on video.

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