Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspection day and honey bound...

I inspected both hives today and took some video.

White Hive...
Everything looked good. They are taking to the plastic frames nicely and have fully drawn out 5 so far. I didn't check the bottom super but noticed syrup/nectar, pollen, eggs and capped brood in the upper super. I didn't look for a the queen but by the looks of things she's there and everything is going well.
White hive inspection:

Stained hive...
After checking the upper super and not seeing much progress from last week I decided to also check the bottom super. They have been working on the foundation in the upper super but no where near the level of the white hive. I did notice some eggs in the upper super but most of what they've drawn is filled with syrup/nectar. After getting through the upper super I took the bottom super apart. There is LOTS of capped brood, pollen, syrup/nectar, and capped honey. I'm concerned however because there's not very much room for the queen to lay. I also noticed a few queen cups but none of them were capped or had eggs in them. I was able to find the queen and she appeared healthy but it concerns me that she's running out of room to lay. After putting the hive back together I closed everything up and came inside to make a batch of 1:1 with honey-b-healthy to spray the plastic frames with. After mixing it up I came back out and sprayed the plastic frames with it. I've read this helps them accept the frames and gets them working on drawing foundation on them. I'm hoping it works or I believe I'll have problems in the near future with swarming or superceder of the queen. I'll check things again on Saturday and until then I'm keeping my fingers crossed they start drawing in the new frames.
Stained hive inspection:

Spraying the frames:

Also I plan to cease with the sugar syrup for now. I removed it tonight as it was almost empty and don't plan to use it again unless needed. I'm hoping I can just spray the frames to help the stained hive along when I inspect each week to get them to draw them out. It may not work but I believe overfeeding is part of the problem with the stained hive and I don't want to set up any more of a honey bound situation than I already have. My first big new beek mistake that I won't soon repeat!

I made this video to see if I could ID the pollen they are bringing in hard core. Looks like it's from aslike clover which is great because I planted so much of it!
Coming and going again:

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