Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've confused them...

I cleaned out a feeder I was using to open feed syrup with honey-b-healthy on Monday morning and set it back out today filled with water. The bees are all over it just like it had sugar in it. I bleached it, gave it a vinegar soak, and washed it all really well and you can still smell the minty smell. I'm guessing that's what's attracting them. If they're at it tomorrow like today I'm going to remove it. I hate to have them waste their energy on water thinking it's syrup when they can/could be out foraging. Can't be they need the water since I have so much around.

Also plan to wean them off the syrup. I'm mixing up a batch of 1:1 tonight or tomorrow to set out on Friday. I'm planning to cut them back to 1 feeder full (3 gallons) per week now that there's so much clover blooming and some of the wildflowers are starting to put out buds. I like for them to have it to draw out the new frames but I don't want to have them become honey bound.

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