Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving on up... To the East Hive...

So... After an extremely tiring week and day I made it home this even around 6:30 and decided to check and see if they needed the new supers. Good news is that they did. I didn't do much of an inspection this time just checked the outside frames to see how they were going. The white hive had 8 frames fully drawn and they were working on the inside of both end frames so I added the second deep super. The stained hive had drawn out almost 9 full frames and were working on the 10th final frame. It also got a new super. Both hives were jam packed with bees and loud. You can hear them in a little clip near the end of the video. I'll report how they take to the new plastic frames versus the wooden frames with foundation they started with.

If you watch the video keep in mind it's rushed. I spent all week working late and spent the day today making hay. I was tired, dirty, and rushing. I didn't even were the jacket and veil this time. I was excited to see their progress but I had dinner and a shower on my mind and the video took a back seat to that.

I also picked up another one of those new feeders and am whipping up 4 gallons of 1:1 with honey-b-healthy. By the time I got home this evening they had finished the last batch I put out. For the last few days they've been going hard at the 1:1. Not sure if we're in a dearth or they are in hoarding mode. Either way they'll have plenty to do what they will with as well as help them draw the frames in the new supers out.

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