Saturday, June 25, 2011

The start of something...

I did a quick check on both hives this evening and the stained hive is making progress on the plastic foundation. Seems the sugar syrup with honey-b-healthy did the trick. I gave all the frames another quick mist with it again and closed it back up. We'll see how things look next week. Hopefully more progress. The white hive is doing the same as before. GREAT! It will need another super in a week or two I'm thinking. Judging by the amount of nectar in the new comb in both hives it seems they are still finding plenty of it and are doing just fine without the syrup.

I also melted the beeswax I've been collecting. I had about a pound when I finished with it. I need to look around for ideas on some sort of strainer/filter to pour it through. It didn't have much trash in it but I'd like to get it nice and clean before pouring it into a pan to cool next time. When I figure out a way to filter it I'll melt this batch again and pour it in with the new stuff.

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  1. I think we need a update on today's activities :)