Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swarm swarm swarm!

So the stained hive swarmed today. I found the swarm in a big oak about 60 feet from the hive. No chance of getting up there to get them as they are too high up. I went and picked up a nuc from Va Bee Supply and set it up in the barn with a swarm lure in it. When I came in tonight around dark they were still clustered up in the oak tree and I'm guessing they plan to stay put for tonight. I still see activity at the hive and after opening the top I do see bees in there. Not sure how many though because I didn't take it apart. I heard a queen piping 2-3 weeks ago from this hive and when I picked up the nuc today Jerry mentioned I could possibly have a new queen in the box and the old queen may have left with a swarm. He advised to wait until Sunday to check it and look for eggs. We'll see how things go tomorrow I reckon and I'll keep this updated.

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