Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evening inspection...

Got a chance to check all the hives this evening after work this morning and visiting with Chris (and picking up 2 frames of capped brood) for a little while this afternoon. Much thanks for the frames Chris and I still am not over how much those Cordovan's propolised that hive of yours!

White Hive
Inspected top super and found LOTS of eggs and capped brood. Didn't hunt for the queen because everything looked good that I checked. They are drawing wax in the upper deep and are starting to cap the honey in the medium super I added a few weeks ago. Once they get the 3.5 frames in the upper deep that's left drawn I'll add another medium super. Again, I wasn't ready to tear the hive apart completely after seeing positive things in the upper deep.

Stained Hive
No capped brood cells left from the swarm but the Carniolan queen has filled a couple of frames full of eggs. I also noticed larva in the hive so things are going good. Saw the queen and she's nice, fat, and dark. Very easy to find her. They have started working on drawing frames in the upper super. I also added a top feeder and 2 liters of 1:1 to give them a little jump start.

Blue Nuc
The Buckfast queen is laying a good pattern in this nuc and there's still a little capped brood left from the original split. Lots of eggs and a little larva present. They are also drawing wax on the empty plastic foundation. I added one frame of capped brood from Chris's Cordovans to this hive to give them a boost until the new queens brood starts to emerge.

Orange Nuc
Seems they readily accepted the 2nd Sunkist Cordovan queen! There's still a little capped brood left in this hive from the split and I added the other frame of capped brood from Chris's Cordovans to this hive. The Sunkist Cordovan queen was very easy to spot (she's gorgeous!) in this hive and she's already started laying eggs. Very good sign! I also got to see what a hive of these bees looks like with a queen from Russells like mine. It's absolutely gorgeous with all the amber/peach bees.

Before I came in for the night I put out 2.75 gallons of 1:1 in the open feeder (to prevent some robbing) and filled the pint jars on the nucs. The nucs are pretty balanced and are taking about 3/4 of a pint each in a 24 hour period from their feeders so far.

Over all I've very please with the girls. It's nice to have something positive after the last week or so.

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