Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inpections... White hive is doing awesome!

After the rain passed I did a quick inspection of both hives. Didn't use the bee jacket again this time and I didn't need it. Such sweet little girls I have.

White Hive
Awesome! At least in my mind. I checked the top deep and they've drawn 7.5 frames which are chock full of honey, nectar, capped brood, eggs, and bees. Great looking white comb! I didn't want to wait until they had drawn 8 frames this time so I went ahead and added a medium super to the top of the brood boxes. I'm confident this hive will be plenty strong enough for the 2 splits I plan to pull from it once the queens arrive.

Stained Hive
They are still working on drawing the frames which I'm happy to see. Not much progress but they have made it to the top in a couple which they previously didn't. There's lots of pollen, nectar, and capped brood still in the top box. I didn't check the bottom box and won't until I re queen them or notice they have raised one. I didn't see any eggs at all in the cells that were empty and I didn't expect to. I did find one queen cell that was open and had a dead queen inside. I guess things weren't right and they dispatched her. I found 2 big capped queen cells also in the top super and 1 that was uncapped. No evidence of a queen but all those things I've read about them being fussy when queen less doesn't seem to apply, they are as gentle as they've always been.

Hive Stand
The new hive stand is up and ready. As I mentioned in my previous post I'm hoping to get the gear this week.

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  1. Love it Can't wait for the new ones :D there gonna be awesome.