Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New hive stand, 2 new future hives, and 3 new queens...

Yesterday afternoon I picked up the material for a new hive stand. That evening I got it built and set up next to the current one. I'm picking up 2 new single deep hive kits and a nuc this week (hopefully, he's scheduled to get his order in any day now) from Jerry at Va Bee Supply. I also just placed an order with Russell Apiaries for (1) Carniolan Queen, (1) English Buckfast Queen, and (1) Sunkist Cordovan Queen. I indicated I'd like them shipped next week but I don't expect them to. My plans are to add the Carniolan to the stained hive, and make 2 small splits once I get the queens from the white hive since it's doing so well and introduce the Buckfast and Sunkist queens to the splits. Then once the nucs I place them in get built up I'll add them to the new hives. If the stained hive succeeds in raising their own queen before I receive the queens that I ordered I'll more than likely take a split from it also and add the new queen when she arrives. I may try to over winter that split in a 2 deep nuc however instead of trying to manage 3 new hives this time of year. We'll see what happens. I'm always happy to add new  hives until I reach the 8-10 I'd like to keep here but I don't want to be overwhelmed my first year.

Also I planned to inspect both hives today but wouldn't you know it as soon as I started to get set up the rain started falling. Maybe when it ends I'll be able to check them out. If not there's always tomorrow since I'm stuck home awaiting a new phone.

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