Thursday, July 14, 2011

Queens arrived and the flow ain't over yet!

New nucs

I got the queens today around 2 this afternoon and beekeeping local Chris came by to offer some guidance in making the splits and installing the queens. Actually I let him handle it all since he's got way more experinece than I do in this. Really appreciate the help Chris!

Stained Hive
We found a queen in this hive so they suceeded at making their own. She hadn't laid any eggs yet however so I don't think she was mated. Anyway went sent her to bee heaven as humanley as possible and installed the Carniolan queen. We also took 2 frames of empty comb from this hive and added 1 to each nuc.

White Hive
Found the queen in the top deep super. The bottom super they are using for stores. In a week they've made tremendous progress on the undrawn foundation in the medium super. Lots of pretty new white wax and they are already storing honey in it. So much for the flow ending 3 weeks ago like I've heard preached. We took 4 frames from this hive and placed 2 in each nuc.

Blue Nuc
Installed 1 frame from stained hive and 2 frames from white hive along with the English Buckfast queen.

Orange Nuc
Installed 1 frame from stained hive and 2 frames from white hive along with the Sunkist Cordovan queen.

I'll check all the newly re queened hives on Sunday to see if the queens have been released and how they are coming along. I shot some video and I'll post it once I get it together later on tonight.

Also... I'm hoping it wasn't a bad choice but I set out a feeder full of 1:1 in hopes it'll prevent the hives from robbing each other. After the it's empty I'll only feed the nucs (and new hives when they move up) when/if they need it until fall comes.

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