Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunkist Cordovan queen is free...

I opened the nuc this evening and checked on how they were accepting the new queen. Nice little surround of bees on the screen that were feeding her and tending to her. I pulled the frame out and they went NUTS fanning and searching for her. I decided to pull the screen back after watching how they treated her for a bit and how they acted when the frame was missing and let her walk out and down into the hive. When I opened the screen there were some bees that went in to attend to her. Didn't notice any aggression at all. Eventually she walked out and down into the hive. Once on the frame she was getting followed by a few attendants and everyone else was clearing the way for her so I think things are good. I planned to wait but slacked on the patience this time. It'll be almost a month before new brood emerges and I'm hoping to have this queen and her bees in a 10 frame double deep by the end of September so they can make it through the winter.

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