Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunkist queen in, mini inspection, and first sting...

Orange Nuc
I built a DIY re queening frame last night and placed the new Sunkist queen into it this afternoon when I got her. I took it out this evening and installed the frame. I removed 6 capped queen cells and buttoned the hive back up. No video but they seemed much more accepting of her versus the last time I tried to re queen them. I'll let her out on Monday and see how things go before I close the hive back up.

Blue Nuc
It took forever but I found the Buckfast queen. Never thought it'd be so hard to find a queen on just 5 frames. I did see signs of eggs and a handful that had 2 eggs in the bottom of each cell. Also 2 that had an egg on the side of the cell but right at the bottom. I haven't read anything yet about a queen laying double eggs but I'll do a little research (just checked beesource and Micheal Bush says this is a sign sometimes of a newly mated queen. so no worries unless she's still doing it a month from now). Otherwise though she's laying in a nice cluster so we'll see how it goes.

Stained Hive
I didn't pull this hive apart to check for the queen but did look for eggs. Not much happening in the upper super. There's hardly any wax drawn on the empty plastic foundation up there. Most of them were all new after stealing a couple for the splits. I suspect they are storing all the nectar in the bottom super. I plan to pull the super off tomorrow and put extra wax on the plastic frames. I'll also spray some 1:1 for good measure. There's still a lot of bees in the box and I did find eggs so the queen is laying.

White Hive
They have drawn the top medium super out about 95% and have filled it full of 1:1 and nectar. There are 4 frames in the top deep super that are still empty so I'll wait a little bit before adding another super. I didn't check for eggs but will next week when I check to see if they are ready for another medium super. It's been super hot and after tearing it apart for the splits I didn't want to disturb them too much.

First Sting
Got my first sting today. I was flipping a frame over and squeezed a bee between the frame and my finger. It was to late to back off before she defended herself. Well deserved I reckon. I pulled the stinger out and squeezed as much venom out as I could. I saw the stinger before I felt the pain but it wasn't much. Nothing at all now except numbness and a little swelling.

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