Friday, August 5, 2011

Blue and Orange... Widows, beetle, a moth and worms...

This evening I decided I had enough time after work and things around the yard to check on the blue and orange nuc and it's all good news!

Blue Nuc
Found lots of bees and all 5 frames have been drawn out. All 5 frames had either honey, pollen, capped brood, eggs, or open brood in them and they were just full of bees. I decided it was time for them to move up to their permanent hive so I brought out the new hive I had for them and set it up. When I picked up the nuc it felt like it weighed between 25-30 pounds. Pretty heavy I thought for 5 frames. Anyway, everything looked good (even though she's not laying as much as the SKC) so I put them in the new hive and buttoned them up.

Buckfast Queen

Her brood pattern

Orange Nuc
Things also looked great in this one. Lots of bees, eggs, larva, brood, pollen, and honey. This one weighed about 35-40 pounds so they are a little ahead of the blue nuc I guess, which doesn't make sense but... I believe it's the 2 full frames jam packed full of honey I have in this hive though. Like the blue nuc these girls also got new digs.  

Sunkist Cordovan Queen

Her brood pattern

Beetle, moth, and worms
I saw my first small hive beetle today but it wasn't in the hive. I set the orange nuc top down on top of a fence post and just as I was turning away saw something land on it. Figuring I had a chance to make it one less yellow jacket to annoy me while around the hives I checked it out. I was surprised instead by a big fat small hive beetle. The surprise turned quickly to joy as I smashed that big fat small hive beetle! I also found 2 wax worms (I think they were wax worms) and a dead wax moth in the spider web under the orange nuc. The worms were too fat to get through the small screening I placed on the bottom for ventilation and the spider was more worried about me. I went back into the orange hive to check for damage or see if I could see any wax moths and found nothing. I did find pollen and wax on the 4x4 post under the nucs screened hole. Maybe that's where they came from but I reckon they were in the hive... There's no signs of damage on any of the frames though so I'm a little baffled. I'll look into it I guess and see what I can find. I'll also place the beetle traps I have sitting around in all of the hives to be safe.

Black Widows
Much to my surprise when I took the bottoms off the nucs I found a black widow (or 2) in a screen hole in each nuc. The orange nuc had a big female that built her home in one of the screen holes. The blue nuc had a nice female and what I believe was a male with her also in a screen hole. I shooed both of them out and onto the ground. If they make it back that's fine by me as they are good pest control. I doubt I'll have a problem remembering to check under the hives before putting my hands there after finding these 3.

Black widow and worm on bottom of orange nuc

Black widows (males and female) under blue nuc

I plan to check the white and stained hive this weekend if the rain predicted doesn't show. Otherwise I'll get to them on Monday and make a post.

Also... Still lots of orange pollen coming in as well as some cream colored pollen. I'll have to see if I can find the source of the cream stuff. I believe the orange is from the sumacs.


  1. OMG.. please be careful with the spiders.... don't want anything to happen to you, and the bee's would be upset if there daddy was sick.......... do spiders bother bee's or vice versa? hhmm thanks for the pics :) they look amazing im glad u remembered the camera

  2. I'm sure spiders get a bee or two. But I'd rather have them around versus not. I'm hoping if I leave them alone they will leave me alone.