Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post Earthquakes and Hurricane Inspection...

So after a week of earthquakes and a day of the outer edges of a hurricane I thought since the sun was shining it would be a good day to check the hives. Everything looked good except the blue hive still has me concerned.

Orange Hive
Same as last time. The girls are doing well are just about ready for another super. The majority of the bees have the blond/peach color. Absolutely gorgeous to look at!

Blue Hive
Not much activity coming and going from this hive compared to the orange hive. There's a good amount of bees inside when I opened it but the queen isn't laying much. I found 1 frame with 1 side about 3/4 full of capped brood. I was able to find eggs and larva but it was sparse. Also, I removed 3 queen cells. I figure the bees are trying to tell me something but want to make sure it's possible to get a replacement for her this year if I need to. Hopefully it doesn't come to that given it's so late in the year though. In the meantime I've contacted Dr. Russell again to see what he says and check if it's possible to get another. I really appreciate him taking the time out of his busy schedule to help me with my questions.

Buckfast Queens Brood Pattern

Buckfast Queen Laying

Stained Hive
These girls are still doing awesome. They'll more than likely get a medium super added soon. The queen is a laying machine and just gorgeous! I found her in the top super with a frame of newly drawn comb. She had filled both sides with eggs! Needless to say I like these Carniolans very much!

White Hive
These girls just continue doing their thing. The top medium was 90% drawn and they had already started capping nectar. I added another medium super so they can continue to go at it. Really really happy with these girls. Even more so given they were my first package. I got lucky and got a great queen! I'll definitely make an attempt at raising her daughters next spring.

Girls and their looks...
 This one decided the tip of my finger would make a nice a spot to take a little break and clean herself up a bit.

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