Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stained and White...

Got a chance this evening to check both of these hives this evening and even had a little help. My nieces and sister stopped by and my nieces stuck by my side while I went through both hives. My sister was a little more apprehensive so she stayed about 60 feet away watching.

Stained Hive
Lots of eggs, larva, capped brood, honey, and pollen in the hive. I checked both deep supers and was able to find the queen. Beautiful little lady! The side bands on her looked red in the sunlight.

Carniolan Queen

Her Brood Pattern

White Hive
The top medium super is half filled with honey and nectar. They are working on the rest of the foundation building cells. The bottom medium super is chock a block full of honey. I'm guessing it weighs 40-50 pounds. I went through the top deep super and found lots of capped and open brood, larva, eggs, and pollen and honey were stored on the outside frames. There were 2 frames that still needed to be completely drawn in this box and I believe after another week they'll have them drawn out. They've been ignoring them I guess to work on the wax in the 2 medium supers. I didn't find the queen in the top deep super and decided to leave the bottom super alone. Everything looked good though and I'm proud of the Italian queen in this box. I'll enjoy trying to raise her daughters next year. It slipped my mind to get a shot of her brood pattern but will when I go through the whole thing to find her one weekend this month for a photo.

So far I'm very very pleased with the queens I got from Russell's. I can't wait to get the Moonbeam Queen along with more next year.

Another Beetle
It's amazing how these things are little pouncers. I was holding a frame while looking for the queen and saw another beetle come over my shoulder right onto the frame. The girls were on it fast and I smushed it. After explaining to my nieces what it was and what it does they were little hawks looking for them when we pulled a frame out. Our 3 sets of eyes didn't find anymore more luckily. I'm running errands in town tomorrow and will pick up some of the bait I've read about using for them. I'm adding it to the beetle blaster traps I have along with some vegetable oil and all the hives are getting them installed this weekend.

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