Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After the rain inspection and a Rauchboy...

The rained stopped (after a week of it) and I was able to get into the hives today. Everything looked good and even the blue hive is showing signs of improvement.

Orange Hive
Still doing well. Lots of bees and brood and good activity coming and going. They were bringing in lots of pollen just like the other hives. I found a little small hive beetle crawling up my hand when I took a frame out. I wasn't able to get it but it didn't look to have made it back into the hive.

Blue Hive
This one is showing signs of improvement. I'm not sure if the queen slowed down laying because of the little dearth we were in but I found a good number of eggs. Not much larva and brood but the egg numbers have picked up. I also found a un-capped queen cell on the bottom of a frame in a swarm cell location. I'll probably kick myself later on in the year but I removed it. Besides the one I didn't find any other queen cells or cups. I was able to find the queen and she looks fat and active. Still keeping my fingers crossed though. I believe it's too late re-queen this one so if in a couple/few of weeks there's no improvement I'll add a frame or 2 of capped brood from the other hives to boost them and pray they make it through winter.

Stained Hive
I continue to be impressed with these carni's. The queen is a laying machine! They have the box almost drawn out and should be ready for a medium super by next inspection.

White Hive
Just popped the top on this one to check the progress on the new medium super I added. They've just about got it all drawn out. They were working on the outer 2 end frames and should be filling them with nectar any time now. Once it starts getting capped I'll add another. These italians have done one hell of a job this year that's for sure. I can't wait until next year to raise some of this queens daughters.

Rauchboy Smoker
I've been having trouble with smoker I got this year with my kit and I decided it was time to give a Rauchboy Smoker a try. I ordered one and today was the first time I got to test it out. My old smoker was from Brushy Mountain and it just wouldn't keep good smoke if you set it down for more than a few minutes. It also took a bit of effort and time to get it smoking good when it was first lit. Well I got tired of it and just have this to say about the Rauchboy's... They are worth every penny! The thing not only smokes like an old lady at a slot machine it stays lit. After lighting it I sat it down for 10-15 minutes and when I picked it back up... Well you can see in the video it's living up to all the claims!

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