Monday, October 3, 2011

Miserable last few days...

We've been having some chilly weather the last few days (lows near 40 and highs near 50) so I decided to walk out and check on the hives. I need to get into them as soon as it's nice enough. The rest of the week is supposed to be better so hopefully Wednesday I can open them up and take a look.

Orange Hive
Some dead bees and a larva on the landing board. No activity at all from the entrance and just a couple of bees hanging out on the front of the hive. They looked pretty cold (high today is 50).

Blue Hive
No activity either. One bee did come out to see what I was doing but that's it. No dead ones like with the Sunkist though.

Stained Hive
No activity at all. No dead bees on the board either though.

White Hive
Good activity from the entrance. They aren't as active as usual but they are still working the feeders it seems since that's the direction all the foragers are heading. The 1st hive/breed (Italians) is still doing the best!

I think when I check them next I'll add a jar feeder to the Carni's, Sunkist, and Buckfast just for good measure. Not sure the Italians are giving them much room at the 3 jar feeders I have set out for all of them.

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