Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nice day for an inspection before the rain and cold...

Did a quick inspection on all of the hives this afternoon. It's been around 70 today and sunny so I decided to take a peek before the rain and chilly weather that's predicted sets in.

White Hive
Looked great as always. Lots and lots of activity from the entrance and lots of bees inside. I added another empty medium super to give them something to work on. They've filled 3 mediums so far and all of it's capped. They are starting to back fill the brood nest also. I figured if they can't finish it before the cold weather sets in I'll at least get some drawn wax.

Stained Hive
The entrance is pretty quiet but lots of bees inside. They are filling the supers with syrup and have some capped stores. These seemed to shut down and go into winter mode before the other hives.

Blue Hive
I was able to find the queen in this one and did notice a few new bees. I'm guessing they didn't supersede her or the new queen from the queen cells I saw on last inspection didn't make it back. They've went into shut down it looks like as I found very little brood. They are starting to store syrup and pollen but not near as much as I believe they will need for winter. Hopefully the weather stays nice and I'll to keep the syrup out for them and the other hives.

Orange Hive
Found the queen and some new bees but I didn't see any brood. This hive also has hardly any stores. There's barely any pollen or syrup being stored which boggles my mind because the entrance is active and I see a lot of the cordovan colored bees at the feeders. I've heard these bees are a hungry strain but I'm puzzled why they don't seem to be planning ahead. Maybe this cold snap we're supposed to get near the end of the week will light a fire under them. There's been plenty of 1:1 and pollen patties out for the last 2 months so I can't understand why they aren't hoarding like bees are supposed to. I plan to make candy boards for all the hives and steal two supers from the white hive of capped honey for this and the blue hive in the next few weeks so if they make it through the cold snap hopefully this will get them through winter. I'm concerned though as I really like the coloring of these bees. If they don't make it I'll try them again next spring and see how it goes.

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