Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy weather update...

Did a quick check of the hives today since it was so warm and tonight is supposed to be in the 50. All looked good except for the buckfast. I doubt very seriously they make it through the winter. Today it's near 70 and all the hives are active except the buckfast. When I popped the top on them there are very few bees in the hive/cluster they have on a frame of honey.

The carniolans have a hive full of bees and I added a medium super from the white hive full of honey to them. They seem to be good strong bees and I'd like to make sure they get to spring.

The italians looked good although they didn't have the huge number of bees I expected. I did see the italian queen though and she is laying in that hive.

Sunkist looked good from the top down also but I didn't check for the queen.

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