Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cut out and a queenless hive...

Chris came over this evening and helped me get the hive out from under the stained hive. We ended up cutting it out as they didn't have a queen. Nice comb but it was filled with drone brood so I'm guessing it had a laying worker. Such a shame to destroy such nice comb and the delicious honey they had created.

So after cutting it out we remounted the stained hive and took a look at things. If they have a queen she isn't laying and we didn't see her. Not sure where she was as I saw her on Saturday when I checked. Anyway we took a frame of eggs from the blue hive and gave it to them to raise their own. If the bees attempt to rebuild under the hive I'll hit them with some soap and water in a sprayer until I get them all. Just can't have them building under the hive like that. I'd really like to know what happened to the queen though and where she went. Anyway, here's the video. There is a little language to go along with a lot of bees so keep that in mind before viewing.

Hive cut out...

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