Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter check...

Did a quick check on all the hives and everything looked good. Took a frame of bees from the blue nuc and added it to the orange nuc since the blue nuc was so full of bees. No sign of a queen in the blue nuc yet but the queen cell is gone. It is possible I missed her though. If I don't see any eggs or a queen in a week or two I'll look around for a queen for them. This is the first time I've let them raise their own and I'll admit I'm not too positive I know what I'm doing. :^) Also the stained hive is just as full as it was before. Not sure what was going on with them the other day when they swarmed, but they stuck around. Also the white hive is continuing along although it's a lot slower than the others. Nice amount of brood and eggs though and she's got a really nice pattern.

Also I had some strange comb in the Orange hive. I added a deep super for them and they built the comb across two of the frames in 3 places instead of following along with the frame. It totally connected 2 of the frames together down the full length and was filled with brood. I removed all of it and hopefully they get it right this time. It was strange because all around the 3 sections they built it like it should have been built.

Swarm returning to hive.

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