Sunday, April 15, 2012

Half checks...

Checked half the hives this evening with my niece watching...

Orange Hive
Looked great. Lots of eggs brood and bees. They will need a empty super probably next week. I also plan to pull a split or two from them when they queens I ordered arrive.

Blue Hive
No queen yet but they do have a nice queen cell. Anytime now I guess. Lots of bees still in the hive but hardly any capped brood left.

Orange Nuc
Just a little brood left and a nice capped queen cell. They are building comb and storing nectar in the meantime.

Blue Nuc
Didn't see a queen, a queen cell, or any eggs so I added a frame of mixed eggs/brood from the orange hive to them.

Friday the 13th I ordered some more queens from Russell's. Not sure when I will get them but I ordered another Sunkist Cordovan (love the color of these bees), another Buckfast to try again, a Russell's Italian, and a Russell's Moonbeam. Hopefully I'll get them between now and the middle of May. In the meantime I've got lots of nucs and hives to build so I'll have a place for all these bees. Hopefully and if all goes well I'll have 10 hives and 6-10 nucs here going into winter and next year I'll start placing hives and nucs at the farm and other places.

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