Saturday, May 12, 2012

3 hives queenless...

Just a quick update for my records. I found 3 queenless hives this afternoon when I did my checks.

Orange hive
No queen and no queen cells. Still full of bees so I left them alone. I'm going to try and contact Russells this weekend and see if I can get the order I placed sped up. If I don't hear from them by Wednesday morning I'll add some eggs to let them try again to raise a queen. Not sure what happened but I have a feeling it has to do with all the swarms from this hive.

Blue Hive
No queen but they have built a couple supercedure cells. I'll let them go and check them next week.

Stained Hive
I couldn't find a queen in the hive nor could I find any cells. After closing up the hive I decided to pull the board I had in to close off the bottom. After watching a bunch of bees fall out I noticed a big fat queen walking around on one of the stand blocks. I placed her inside the hive but have a feeling she was injured when I removed the bottom board. I'm not sure how she got down there or why as this hive was ok a bit ago. I'll wait until Wednesday before adding anything.

Kenny Nuc
Didn't notice a queen so I added another frame of eggs and bees from the natural nuc.

The rest of the hives looked good and all had a queen including the Cierra nuc. I don't believe she's mated yet however.

Also I plan to cut some wood this evening to put in front of the hives to close off the bottom. I think this has been one of my problems with the Orange and Stained hives. All the hives will get a piece of wood in front of them to prevent this. New hive stands will be built wider to keep this from happening.

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