Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another day another swarm...

Orange Hive
I found another large swarm from the Orange hive this evening. I was unable to get it given its location but I did try a few times. This hive just won't stop. That makes 3 swarms so far and the hive is still jam packed with bees. I pulled 2 splits out of it this evening and made up 2 nucs. I even shook a buncha bees in them to cut down on numbers. I went through the hive to see if I could find any swarm cells and I did find 2 of them. One is a nice big fat one at the bottom of a frame and another is smaller and in the middle of the frame. I'll give them a few days and check it again to see if it's hatched. Theres no eggs that I could see and very little brood left to hatch. Hopefully no more swarms. I'm thinking they had a bunch of queen cells and the new queens are swarming when they hatch given it's so crowded in the hive. I need to pick up some frames ASAP and do a even split with this hive. There's 6 empty frames and an empty medium super up top now that they can draw out. Maybe that'll keep them busy. I also pulled the super of honey/drone brood from this hive to the let other hives rob out.

Kenny Nuc
I attempted to put 2 swarms in this nuc with no luck. I either didn't get the queen or they didn't have one and the bees always went back to Orange hive after putting them in this one. This time I took 2 frames of bees and honey/pollen from the Orange hive and a frame of eggs from the Natural nuc to slow them down a bit. We'll see if they take but I did notice they set up guard bees after a little bit so I'm hoping it's good. I also shook a few frames of bees from the orange hive into this hive to give them some numbers.

Cierra Nuc
Took 2 frames of honey/pollen from the Orange hive and a frame of eggs from the Natural nuc and set up this nuc. As with the Kenny nuc I shook in a few frames of bees to give them numbers. They've also set up guard bees so I have my fingers crossed. I noticed last time with the big swarm and small swarm I tried to hive they never set up guards. Maybe that's some sort of sign they are or aren't staying. 

I plan to build more of my own wooden ware this weekend or early next week. I'm down to 2 nucs and 22 deep frames, 1 deep super, and 2 medium supers with frames. I plan to place an order with Mann Lake in the very near future to order 100 deep and 100 medium frames. That should keep me going for a while and building my own hives and supers will save me a nice chunk of change. The local bee suppliers are hard to get in touch with or don't have it in stock. I have a hard time with hunting down folks or waiting around so they can sell me something when I can build it for more than half the price. I may need to pay one of them a visit though for frames if I run out before ordering from Mann Lake.

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