Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A quick look and see today...

I got into all the hives today and everyone had a queen except for the Orange hive and Stained hive. I'm planning on a real good check on everything this weekend and I'll probably make a couple of splits from the White hive. They were busting at the seams today and I added a empty medium with drawn comb to give them a place to store some honey. The blue nuc also got another deep super over it. No word yet from Russells about the queens but I'm in no rush as I'm running out of gear. I'm starting to think I should just go ahead and order some frames and build more stuff on my own. No luck with one local guy having anything in stock until next week and the other guy doesn't answer the phone. If I don't hear from the other guy before the weekend I may just make a trip to lowes.

Also the swarm I hived the other day left the nuc. Most of the bees returned to the orange hive and a small cluster reformed on the branch near the one I cut down. I cut it down and took it over to the Kenny nuc and placed them in it. We'll see if they stay or not. I'll also check for a queen as I didn't see one today. If they are still there and there's no queen I'll give them a couple of frames from the White hive.

Also I believe the queen from the blue nuc ended up on my veil when I was checking the hive somehow. I went to check the orange nuc and watched a sunkist colored queen land on top of the orange hive before I opened it. I noticed a bee on my veil when checking the blue nuc and thought it rather big so I left it alone. I'm guessing it was the queen and she flew to the top of the orange hive when I walked over. Not 100% certain though. Anyway, I let her crawl onto my hive tool and walked her over to the blue nuc. She crawled right in without any of the guard bees causing a fuss so I'm guessing that's where she came from. We'll see I guess.

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