Thursday, June 28, 2012

Early evening check and my first look at wax moths.

I got into the hives today finally after neglecting them because of work and all were good except the Kenny nuc and Orange hive. In the future I will force myself to check them weekly or every two weeks at the most regardless of how I feel.

Orange hive
It appears to have a laying worker. I'm planning to google some info to correct this after I get this posted as well as send a couple of email asking for suggestions. Strange though. I see lots of drone brood and lots of baby drones and new worker bees. I didn't want to mess with it however until I get a little info on what to do and talk to a few folks.

Kenny nuc
A couple of weeks ago I told myself to put a frame of eggs into this hive from one of the others and didn't. I paid for it. I popped the top and found the thing full of wax moth larva. It also had a few bees inside on comb they had been successful in keeping the wax moths out of but no brood and just eggs. I took 2 frames from the blue nuc full of bees, brood, and eggs and placed in this hive after getting the wooden ware cleaned off and free of the moth cocoons. I added 3 new frames also and replaced the frames I stole from the blue nuc with new frames. I placed the 5 frames with the wax moth damage into the freezer where I'll leave them for a week or 2 just to be sure all of the larva and eggs are killed. I will keep a better eye on this nuc in the future.

Also, the Cierra and Orange nuc got a new nuc box with 5 empty frames to draw out. Still no word from Russell's since the may email. I'll look locally this week for a queen or two so I can get a couple more nucs going in July.

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