Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Splits and Checks...

I checked all of the hives today and everything looked good except for the Orange Nuc.

White Hive
Pulled a split and 2 honey supers off that were empty so they aren't overwhelmed with space. I set the honey supers out for all the bees to rob and clean up. Noticed some ants at the top but I think it's because there's so much space. Lots of bees but they should have better luck with the ants now that they aren't protecting so much. Everything else looked good as always.

Stained Hive
Just a note... This hive had a head butter or two during the inspection. It wasn't persistent but one would but my veil and then bugger off. Maybe 4-5 butters the entire inspection. Just wanted to make a note however as this is my most aggressive hive so far this year as well as last. They are great bees so far besides the couple butters. They've built up really really well.

Blue Hive
This hive layed in the honey super so I reversed it to the bottom and removed one of the deep supers. The other I filled with drawn comb and placed on top of the medium. I hope they'll move up and I'll

Cassie Nuc
Took 2 nice full frames of bees and nectar from stained hive as well as a frame of bees and brood that held a nice queen cell at the bottom. I checked these frames quickly for a queen as it was in the 50's but will go over them real well this weekend to make sure I didn't get the queen from the stained hive.

Lexi Nuc
Looked great. Added another box to give them room. Seemed settled and very gentle.

Kenny Nuc
Pulled 3 frames full of bees/honey/brood from the white hive and set this nuc up. I'll make sure this weekend they have a queen cell in the works and that I didn't get the queen from the white hive.

Ceirra Nuc
Looked good also. Added another box for room. They are also very gentle.

Orange Nuc
They aren't very strong for some reason. I did see brood and eggs but no queen. I'll check them again this weekend and see what's up and make sure they have a queen. I'll probably add a frame of brood and bees from the white hive to give them some numbers.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

2 New Nucs...

Picked up 2 nice nucs from a beekeeper in a neighboring county to add to my genetics. Both are Italian with nice Italian coloring. They have the 5 frames pretty filled so I'll add another box for them in the next day or so. I want to make sure they have time to settle.

Fool me twice shame on me...

Received a letter today that I was named as a creditor in a bankruptcy filling by "Russell's Apiaries". Expected as much. This is the second time I've gotten a letter from a "bee supplier" that stole my money and filled for bankruptcy. The other was my first year from the guy Rory at "Busy Bee". Shame Russells decided to go this route as the queens I got previously from them did very well. I won't share it here but if you would like to read more there's a few big threads on BeeSource about the whole jaded ordeal and what people have been able to dig up on the guy.

A word of advice to anyone new to beekeeping... DO NOT let someone hang onto your money for more than 45 days. If they have not shipped your bees/queens/boxes/etc ask for a refund until they are shipped. Most banks/cards/paypal have a 90 day limit on making a claim. If you wait you will lose your money. Don't let a bee supplier give you an excuse as to why he/she can't ship your product. This being agriculture is the most used excuse and it's crap. If they can't deliver they can't and shouldn't be able to hold onto or spend your money.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Farm swarm traps.

I placed a couple of empty nucs at the farm this evening to use as swarm traps. Always see lots of bees over there so hope to catch a swarm or two.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Hives Arrived...

UPS delivered the new hives today from Mann Lake. 6 boxes in total and I got them all together. Still have 100 frames to assemble but those can wait. Will start painting ( red, green, pink, purple, & yellow) the hives tomorrow and they should be ready by the end of the weekend. Pretty pleased with everything. Actually they're probably the nicest hives I have. I do plan to cut a hole in the bottom board and add some screen since the bottom boards are solid.

Hopefully I'll be able to make splits in the next couple of weeks as it looks like spring is arriving this weekend finally. Hopefully I'll have enough mediums until I can order some more. I'll probably take advantage of free shipping again from Mann Lake and buy the medium supers there along with frames and foundation again.

Also reserved 2 deep nucs from a beekeeper in the next county over. Found him on craigslist and he's supposed to let me know when they are ready.