Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fool me twice shame on me...

Received a letter today that I was named as a creditor in a bankruptcy filling by "Russell's Apiaries". Expected as much. This is the second time I've gotten a letter from a "bee supplier" that stole my money and filled for bankruptcy. The other was my first year from the guy Rory at "Busy Bee". Shame Russells decided to go this route as the queens I got previously from them did very well. I won't share it here but if you would like to read more there's a few big threads on BeeSource about the whole jaded ordeal and what people have been able to dig up on the guy.

A word of advice to anyone new to beekeeping... DO NOT let someone hang onto your money for more than 45 days. If they have not shipped your bees/queens/boxes/etc ask for a refund until they are shipped. Most banks/cards/paypal have a 90 day limit on making a claim. If you wait you will lose your money. Don't let a bee supplier give you an excuse as to why he/she can't ship your product. This being agriculture is the most used excuse and it's crap. If they can't deliver they can't and shouldn't be able to hold onto or spend your money.

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