Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Hives Arrived...

UPS delivered the new hives today from Mann Lake. 6 boxes in total and I got them all together. Still have 100 frames to assemble but those can wait. Will start painting ( red, green, pink, purple, & yellow) the hives tomorrow and they should be ready by the end of the weekend. Pretty pleased with everything. Actually they're probably the nicest hives I have. I do plan to cut a hole in the bottom board and add some screen since the bottom boards are solid.

Hopefully I'll be able to make splits in the next couple of weeks as it looks like spring is arriving this weekend finally. Hopefully I'll have enough mediums until I can order some more. I'll probably take advantage of free shipping again from Mann Lake and buy the medium supers there along with frames and foundation again.

Also reserved 2 deep nucs from a beekeeper in the next county over. Found him on craigslist and he's supposed to let me know when they are ready.

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