Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hot half inspections...

Boy was it hot and muggy today. I don't know what I was thinking but decided to suit up and check the hive. It was steamy in that jacket for sure.  Everything looked good but I didn't look check the blue, stained, or white hive except to add a popsicle stick under the top cover for ventilation.

Orange nuc
Starting to look good. Lots of bees brood and eggs. Really jumped off after adding some capped brood and bees.

Purple hive
Doing great. Drawing out the top deep super. Hope to get a split out of them in a week or two.

Kenny nuc
Saw three nice queen cells. Lots of bees and some brood still. Knock on wood but maybe the curse has lifted.

Green hive
Moved the out of the Ceirra nuc and into a green hive. Theres a ton of bees open brood and stores. Like the other hive there were a couple queen cups at the bottom of one frame. They had built everything out so I'm hoping they just needed some room.

Cassie nuc
Looks great. Gave them an extra box to build out. They'll be ready for a hive soon.

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