Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patience pays off.

Happy to report the swarm that's been in the tree forever is now hived. We had cold temps at night for the last week and I noticed their numbers had been dwindling. This morning they were still up in the tree when I checked but it was only about half the bees. Late this evening I checked the hive and noticed the comb in the tree bee-less. I looked around a little bit and noticed a swarm in a small peach tree behind the hives near the ground. I snipped the branch and laid it on top of the blue nuc. They went right in and within minutes they were fanning. It was amazing to watch up close and I wish I would have made a video of it. Anyway it'll be nice to see what happen with the hive. I'll check in 7-10 days and see if all is well.

I'll get another empty nuc out this week for a swarm trap.

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