Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday inspections...

Checked everything today before the rain settles in.

Orange Nuc
Slow. Queen is there and laying but it's she's holding back. Nothing showing they want to replace her but she's not living up to my expectations after making it through winter. After the rains are over I'll add a frame of capped brood from another hive and see if it gets things going. I'm hoping she's slow because there's not enough coming in. They over wintered in a 5 frame nuc so they are pretty tough and I'd like to keep them around. If they aren't significantly better by the end of the month I'll requeen them.

Stained Hive
They swarmed again today. I couldn't get to them yesterday and by the time I made it out there today they had swarmed. At least I guess it's the stained hive. It's the only hive with dark bees and there's a volley ball size swarm 30 feet up in a oak tree behind the hives. When I came in this evening they were still there. I'll check in the morning. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will move into the empty nuc I have out there.

The rest of the hives and nucs looked good. I ordered some more gear and when my escape screen and fume board arrive I'll give the hives all a new honey super to fill up.

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