Thursday, May 9, 2013

Swarm again...

This morning the swarm was still I place but I figured it would move now that sun was out. They didn't disappoint. This evening when I got home they were gone from their spot and nothing was left behind but a little comb they were building.

I see another swarm about 15-20 feet higher in the tree from the previous. Almost directly above the place the comb was built. This one appears to be a lighter colored bee so I'm guessing its from the white hive. Hard to say for sure since they are so high and no one witnessed which hive they  came out of. Anyway.... maybe I will have better luck and this one will end up in my swarm trap. I really need to order some of those swarm traps or put another empty nuc or two around the property. I will make sure I am better prepared in the future.

Alsi seeing the first clover blooms. Can't wait to see fields of it.

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