Sunday, April 6, 2014

First inspection of the year

Checked everything real quick today and bumped numbers on the hives that were weakest. Everyone has a queen and the purple and stained hive are booming. Pulled a real good split out of the purple hive and put it in the Orange nuc. I was seeing drones so figured I'd chance it. I also pulled the honey that was left in medium. I have about 60 pounds to get extracted and there's still a good amount in some of the deep frames. I'll get in there this week and get the last medium box of honey off the stained hive when it's warmer and split, split, and split some more. I noticed cups in the hives but didn't see any cell so I don't think they are ready for swarming yet. I hope to cut them down enough to prevent it actually with splits. These bees did really well over the winter and there' still lots of honey to get them going left. I learned a big lesson on moisture this winter that I won't repeat but more on that later.

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