Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kelley Queens...

I got a call from the post office this morning letting me know the queens from Kelley had arrived a day early. No complaints besides not being ready but I went and picked them up then came back to make up splits and make the hives getting queens queen-less. I dispatched the queen from the Orange hive and didn't notice any signs of her laying yet. One of the queens I got today will go in there this evening. I opened the purple hive and to my surprise it is absolutely jam packed full of bees still. I didn't notice any signs of a queen but did see open cells. I shook 2 splits out of the hive into nucs and added a frame of eggs from the O/B nuc to see if they build a queen cell. It will get one of the queens arriving Friday unless they have already started on a queen cell today. I will add a frame of brood to the other split and purple hive also this evening to see if they start working on a queen cell. I want to make sure I didn't miss a queen when I checked. With as many bees that were in the purple hive it would have been very easy to overlook a virgin queen in there. The Russian queen will go to a buddy as he already has Russians and acceptance will be better.

I got the queens installed and 2 nucs made. One of the queens went into the Orange hive and one went into the CiCi nuc. Both seemed accepting of them and were attending to them through the cage. I'll let them get them out through the candy on their own and check them in a 5-7 days. One of the splits I wasn't able to get any brood into before a rain shower came through and all the bees went back to the purple hive. Both splits were pulled from the purple hive since there's so many bees in it. There's still plenty left for the new queen when she arrives. I pulled another split for the Lexi nuc and added a frame of brood this time to keep them. They should stay but I'll keep my fingers crossed none the less.

Ordered a new jacket as the old one is in rough shape. I'm giving it a wash and will keep it around for anyone who needs one that wants to watch me inspect or whatever. I ordered a Apollo Half Suit from Miller Bee Supply. I'll review it when it arrives as I couldn't find anything online about it in any of the forums. I liked the looks and style so hopefully it's as pictured. They shipped today which is nice and I got tracking info from Koehnen for the queens they are sending. Funny how buying beekeeping gear/stuff/bees/queens works. None of the big names have done anything but deliver as they stated they would. I can't say that for the couple of small guys that never sent what I ordered and filed for bankruptcy so they could steal my money. Anyway, it'll be a lesson I can share with others.

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