Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers day swarm...

The purple hive cast a big swarm today right as I was lighting my smoker to check them out. Talk about bad timing. They are about 40 feet up in a oak tree so there's no chance of getting them. It was cool to watch but I hate when they go up that high and there's no way to get them. I keep telling myself I need a old bucket truck just for swarms with the big oaks that are behind the hives. I've got out swarm traps so I'll keep my fingers crossed. They were still up there when I came inside at dark. Anyway I figured it was going to happen given the town swarm moved in. Just too many bees. I'm splitting it in half tomorrow if numbers inside look good and I find some queen cells or eggs. I'm hoping the town swarm queen didn't kill all the queen cells or virgin queen that was in the hive. We'll see tomorrow I guess. If nothing else I'll throw a frame of eggs and brood in from another hive if numbers are good enough to split.

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