Thursday, May 15, 2014

Combine, Orange Hive Queen, & New Queens....

Combined blue and orange nuc today into one via newspaper. The blue nuc wasn't building up like I'd hoped as I believe their queen never made it back from her mating flight. I looked but never saw her so I just went ahead and made the combine. I'll add them to a full size hive next time I check them.

I also planned to add a frame of brood to the Orange hive but when I was about to pop the cover off of it I noticed a nice little queen on the inner cover. She wasn't fat yet so I'm guessing she hasn't been mated. I coaxed her into the hive and the couple of bees that met her ignored her so I'm guessing that's where she was from. I didn't see her at first but her size and ability to fly makes me assume that one of the queen cells in that hive hatched.

Yesterday I ordered some queens to add some genetics. I'm 50/50 on the nucs and queens I got last year locally so I thought I'd try Kentucky and California Queens this year. Below is what I ordered and when they should arrive.

Kelley (arriving 5/22/2014)
 - (2) Hygenic Italian
 - (1) Russian

Koehnen (arriving 5/23/2014)
 - (1) Italian Cordovan
 - (1) Carniolan

I haven't figured out what I'm doing with them besides making splits yet. How many and if any requeening will be done I'm going to decide later this weekend. My buddy wants the Russian since his bees have Russian genetics already and will be more accepting. I thought I was up for it but I don't believe I want the hassle of getting my bees to accept the Russian genetics. I'm pretty happy at how passive my bees are also. That's something I'd like to keep around and I've heard and read once the Russian trait starts to become hybridized they develop aggressive traits. I like sweet bees so...

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