Friday, May 23, 2014

Swarm Catch, New Queens, and a New Jacket...

Went yesterday morning to the next county over and picked up a swarm someone on Facebook posted. It stayed overnight and I was able to get it. Believe it's from the guy who used to sell bee supplies outta his barn but it's just a guess. It was in the same area as him is why I assume it's one of his. They seem like decent bees. They stayed and are out foraging today. I went yesterday and picked up the material to build a new hive stand this weekend. I hope to film that and put it on youtube along with measurements here.

The Cordovan and Carniolan queen arrived today from Koehnen and looked good. Lots of attendant bees included with them. Also much better packaged than the Kelley Queen. They seemed accepting of them when I put them in both hives. I took a frame of capped brood from the green hive and placed it into the Lexi nuc to help with number. I'll do that again next week until they are nice and strong.

 I checked all the hives today besides the ones with new queens and all looked good. Added honey supers to some as they are packing in the nectar. It looks to be a good honey season for sure. The tulip poplars are in full swing and they are bringing in tons from them along with black berries.

Also got a new jacket today from Miller Bee Supply. I ordered the Apollo half suit and I have to say I like it. It's a tiny bit thinner material than my old jacket and much cooler. Also it's much bigger. I ordered 2 sizes bigger like most suggest and I probably didn't have to. It's very roomy that's how I like it to fit. I really like the veil on this one as well as the cuffs around the sleeve. Much better than the little strip of elastic on my old jacket.

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