Wednesday, May 14, 2014

They won't make up thier mind...

So... The purple hive has been something else. They swarm, they come back, they swarm, they come back... Another swarm from the purple hive today... Only it was the swarm from the other day that left and went back into the hive. And like before they did it as soon as I puffed smoked into the entrance to start splitting. I've seen it happen a few times before but never more than once. And I've never had them start to swarm right after blowing smoke into the entrance much less have it happen twice. Anyway, this one went up in a oak again out of reach so I just ignored them. A few hours later I came back to check on them before the storm and they were gone. I won't know if they went back into the hive again until I check but the entrance looked busier than before. It could have been field bees returning before the storm though. I did check the other hives besides the nucs and split the purple hive in half. If they came back to the hive again they'll find plenty of room now. Even after splitting the hive in half both still have a large amount of bees. The split I pulled out of the top deep had some nice capped queen cells on the bottom of a couple of frames that I left. I'm really glad the queen cells were still viable. I'm picking up some queens tomorrow and I'll check the bottom box on the purple hive for cells and if I find none I'll add one of the queens. I didn't see hardly any brood in any stages in the frames I pulled for the split so I'll maybe have to add some brood in a couple weeks just to be sure numbers stay up.  I also need to pull a split early in the morning to add one of the queens I'm picking up to. Maybe it'll get placed in a nuc if I find one that's not doing great instead. I'll be checking the nucs early too.

I also made the entrances bigger on the hives and added the summer entrances to the strong hives.

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